Thursday, 11 April 2013

Evaluation question 7

This is a comparison between my Music magazine and the College magazine which was made back in September/ October.

Evaluation: Question 6

 I only used Flickr in my evaluation.
however i learnt how to add photos and add additional information.
 I used Photoshop to make my magazine. I used tools such as the magic wand tool in order to best cut out the parts of my images that i need the most. I used the gradient tool on the double page spread to slowly turn the tree background to the dark black. the drop shadow was also used to make my titles, and sometimes subtitles stand out more. etc.
 I took the pictures that went onto my magazine with an SLR Camera.
 Blogger is what i am using to present my Research and Planning since September.
I used prezi a couple of times, to display certain information

 iPhoto was used as the main source of transferring the photos from the camera to the computer in order to get them into photoshop.

 I used indesign for my contents page.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Evaluation Question 4

The audience for my magazine would stereotypical have long/medium length hair. Wear black clothing (mainly shirts, jackets etc). A pair of jeans. mt target audience would probably shop somewhere local, for a small amount but then go to a large supermarket for a weekly shop. they would be into rock and or metal and also be fairly adventurous going to gigs to see the bands that they like.(eg Five Finger Death Punch). I would imagine someone of my target audience would like programs such as game of thrones or similar.
I believe a person such as this may be interested in my magazine because if they are interested in gigging then maybe they are also interested in playing music, therefore they would like my magazine because it offers them the opportunity to win different instruments.